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Configuring Pure Storage FlashArray Email Alerts with Microsoft 365 / Office 365

I typically have alerting disabled for the FlashArray in my lab, but needed to enable it today to do some testing for a partner. I spent a bit of time figuring out how to do this with my Microsoft 365 email, so sharing for anyone else who is trying set this up.

Create a Microsoft 365 Exchange Connector

Visit your Exchange Admin Center and navigate to Mail flow > Connectors. Add a new connector.

Specify a connection from "Your organization's email server" to "Office 365."

Give it a name.

Specify the public IP(s) which the SMTP request is coming from. For me this is my lab's external IP address, not the IP of the FlashArray.

Review settings and create connector.

Configure FlashArray Alert Routing

In Purity UI > Settings, edit the Alert Routing settings.

  • Relay Host:

  • Username: An authorized email user

  • Password: The user's password. If using MFA, you'll need to configure a new app password.

  • Sender Domain: Must be an authorized domain on your Microsoft 365 account.

Alternatively you can configure this via CLI with the commands...

puresmtp setattr --relay-host
puresmtp setattr --user-name
puresmtp setattr --password *****************
puresmtp setattr --sender-domain

You can confirm the settings with

puresmtp list

Finally, confirm everything is working with

purealert watcher test

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